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What We Do

Afghans of Puget Sound Alliance (APSA) aims to improve the well-being of the Afghan community through education, leadership development, and programs that promote strong communities, including the empowerment of Afghan women to fully participate in society. We have five volunteer run Committees through which we do our work. Our goal is to not only stabilize the families, but also set them up for success. Come join us!

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Care Circles

Our model is based upon the national Sponsor Circles program in which a group of private individuals can sponsor an Afghan refugee family from the military bases for their first three months of resettlement. Our volunteer Care Circles are formed to support individual families that have fallen through the cracks and have critical needs such as housing, employment, food access, and more.

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Career Development

Many of our families start and stay with minimum wage jobs that offer little in the way of job security or career advancement. APSA wants to change that. We work with families to come up with a career plan for both the mom and dad. That entails enrollment in ESL courses & technical colleges, attaining driver licenses, creating home based job opportunities for women, etc.

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Child & Youth Support

Children are a very important part of Afghan culture, and we work hard to ensure they are enrolled in the right schools and are supported in their educational journey via mentorship, tutoring, and advocacy on their behalf.

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Serving Food

Health & Well-Being Initiatives

Nutrition and exercise are important components of staying healthy and promotes a better quality of life. Classes on nutrition and fitness are in the works. Sports and activities such as volleyball, crickets, hiking, and simple urban walks are also being organized.

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Community Outreach & Social Media

Social media is an important mechanism for APSA to keep the public informed and as a way to communicate with our supporters. It can also be very  time consuming, but we know there are a few special people out there who can help us manage this!

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